When and how do I pay the balance?
The balance is due on the day of the event, prior to the start time. If paid on the day of the event, the payment must be made

in cash. If you prefer to use a check, payment is due 7 business days prior to the event.  We can do installments if needed.

We accept cash or check.

How much time is needed to set up?  Do you charge for the set up or tear down time?
We do not charge for set up or tear down time.  We only charge for the contracted time for which we are providing our services. Typically, the we arrive 2 hours before your start time. The set up includes becoming acquainted with the venue and other vendors such as caterers, photographers, etc.

Do you bring back-up equipment?
We always carry back up equipment. Our equipment is top of the line, professional entertaining equipment that is used regularly

and is well maintained. 

What sets you apart from other DJs?
We strive to offer the best music selection with outstanding professional equipment for all events, large or small.  We offer pricing that is hard to beat by our competition.  We are customer focused.  It is our goal to exceed your expectations.  We actively listen to the music we play, so we are familiar with it, ensuring that the best song choices are made throughout an event. Our number one priority is to ensure that we keeping the guests happy and entertained.  We find that the most important part of entertaining is to connect with the crowd.  We do just that.  We care!

Do you use Professional Equipment?
Yes we do. We use the highest quality equipment available in the industry. The equipment is well maintained and we always have back up in the event that there is an issue.  Our equipment is regularly updated so that we are using the latest entertainment technology.  Using professional equipment ensures reliable service at a professional level.
For Lights, we use intelligent lights, LED lighting effects, strobe lights, UV black lights as well as lasers. Most of the lighting is pre-programmed to be sound activated to follow the beat of the music, under our control.   Lighting effects like these really add mood to the atmosphere.  Aside from lights we also have other entertainment equipment  to provide additional enhancements such as a bubble machine and fog maker.

Is your Music up to date?
Our music list is constantly being updated.  It is most likely that at the time you hear music it on the radio, we already have it.

We spend many hours keeping up to date with our music.  That is one of the most challenging sides of the entertainment business.

"We make any event a celebration!"

Reilly Entertainment Group

Why hire a DJ when I can use my iPod or MP3 Player?
An iPod, MP3 Player or pre-arranged playlist cannot cater to the various needs of a particular crowd in the way that a DJ can. There is a lot to consider if you decide to do this. Can an iPod or MP3 Player keep people dancing for 3 to 4 hours?  An experienced DJ can observe the needs and mood of the guests and shift gears without having to waist time trying to go through long song lists trying to find a good song to keep the group dancing.  In addition, an IPOD or MP3 Player does not have the ability to push the music the way a professional sound system is designed to do.   An IPod or MP3 player is not interactive with the group like a good DJ.   And finally, the iPod or MP3 player can not provide a lights show or other special effect that Ultra Sonic Audio can provide.

How early should we book?
 The Sooner the Better!  Dates book fast.  If you are planning an event you definitely want to secure your date as soon as possible.

The time of year and nature of the event definitely affect the availability of the date.  A contract and 10% non-refundable deposit

are required to book your date. 

Am I obligated to provide food and beverages for the DJ?
No you are not obligated to provide food for our staff.  However, we ask that you let us know your intentions prior to the event so

that we can make other arrangements if necessary.

Will the Music be at reasonable volume level?
We want you & your guests to be comfortable at a volume that you feel is reasonable. Sound levels can often depend on where you are sitting or the acoustics of the room. Helpful Hint: Whenever possible, don't seat your older relatives close to our set-up.  We read the crowd and respond as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions